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Putin according to the online media…

Who is Vladimir Putin according to the online media? Ex Prime-Minister? President? Macho? Zar?

A short analysis of the metaphors and other stylistic choices that are used by the online journalists  across languages to refer to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – newly elected president of the Russian Federation.  For the analysis I considered only headlines from online news websites in several european languages and Russian before the Presidential Elections on 4 March 2012 and one day after it.  The headlines used for the analysis came from the results of the advanced search(keyword Putin) from the following web-site: http://emm.newsbrief.eu/NewsBrief/clusteredition/en/latest.html


During the first hours after the elections on the 5th of March something has changed. Or is it just me?



Presidential Elections in Russia, March 2012

Map on the final results of votes for Vladimir Putin by Regions.