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International Festival of Journalism

An awful sleepless night  before my last exam this winter session in Media Politics, Globalization, Ethics and Law. 6 a.m 23 of March Friday. Shower – done. Breakfast – done. Take the dog outside – yessss. Nice clothes to wear – ready. Time to check my emails. 27 e-mails, as usual nothing seemed new or interesting – Facebook, Twitter, Groupon – Liliana Bounegru: Place offer (please confirm asap). Really? 8 a.m. time to go. To go where? Exam? What exam? Who cares after all?

I was offered a place to take part in a Data-driven journalism workshop “Getting stories from Data” at the  International Festival of Journalism in Perugia (Italy). The festival takes place every year in Perugia. It offeres many free panels, workshops, documentaries, keynote speeches and many more activities.  Journalists, students, media specialists, news agencies from all over the world gather to discuss the current media trends in the society.

Among the 400 speakers who will attend the festival this year are: Kristinn Hrafnsson – spokesperson for WikiLeaks, Wolfgang Blau – editor of Die Zeit, Roman Anin – investigative journalist from Novaya Gazeta, Clive Edwards – ex editor for current affairs at BBC, Evgeny Morozov – journalist and author of the Net Delusion, Marco Travaglio and many more.

Cheap German wings tickets – bought. A nice hotel in the center of Perugia – booked. Subscription to various workshops – done. Speakers for the possible interviews – contacted. And now – a lot of patience.