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2 IMSlers out to experience German food

Studying and living in Bonn means also adjusting to German food culture – at least a little bit. Two IMS students, a vegetarian/pescarian, being Evgenia and eat-pretty-much-all, being Inga, share their impressions of the food and dining in Germany.

Although German food has a rather bad reputation with intimidating Sauerkraut and Schweinbraten there are many things Evgenia and Inga appreciate in German cuisine.

Copious German bakeries and their fresh crispy bread and pastries

A marketplace next to old city hall of Bonn has a great choice of fresh vegetables and fruits. One simply cannot pass by and Inga always ends up buying something from the colorful and healthy choice. Both Inga and Evgenia enjoy eating salad and fresh vegetables.

Although Inga is equally delighted when savoring far unhealthy food like Thüringer Rostbratwurst. Evgenia avoids at the same time the Würstchenstand at any cost.

The choice in local supermarkets is reasonable. Outstanding is the selection of Italian food – you can find it everywhere. No German food store dares to ignore the Italian influence.

Evgenia loves to eat fish, but unfortunately there are not many places that sell fresh fish. And if there happens to be fresh seafood, it is most likely too expensive.

But every once in a while they check out some diners and restaurants. Surprisingly an overwhelming part of the restaurants serve Italian food. There are dozens of Italian restaurants in Bonn and Cologne – you can find one almost on every street! And even if it is not an Italian restaurant, there are hardly any places left that do not serve at least one Italian dish, such as, pasta.

Even the internationally successful German restaurant chain named Vapiano serves only Italian food!

Italian cuisine is prevailing everywhere you go. The most popular ice cream cafés in the region are Italian. Actually, there are only Italian ice cream cafés.

And even when it comes to coffee – most of cafés, even if not Italian, serve Italian coffee.

Our Conclusion: German people love, besides eating, sausages, pork, potatoes, to eat Italian food!

 Evgenia and Inga too love to eat Italian!