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My first half-marathon in Cologne

I made it. Yes I actually did. Being runner since about 5 years  I do not remember when I arrived at a point when I said to myself: I now want to run a real race! I wanted to run Cologne’s half-marathon already last year when I moved to Germany, but my injuries (due to probably excessive training) never let me do it. Even this year I was hesitating until the very last moment. The last two weeks before the race (doing training in Berlin) I was training very little. But things turned out to be even better than I had planned and expected from me.


We started the race in Ottoplatz (Deutz), then crossed the bridge along the Rhein and  headed towards the center of the city passing through several churches and some nice parks. The weather was just perfect. As soon as we passed the 10 km sign, the sun started to shine making the running more difficult but definitely more encouraging and fun! Along the way you could hear several live bands playing different music: from Koelsch Carnival music to Shakira’s songs. The participants coming mostly from Germany seemed to enjoy the race. While still running my first kilometers, I met a German middle-aged women (not being really fit) who was drinking coke, eating a banana and running at the same time! Sometimes I envy such people….I do not know how they do it?! I actually stopped only once to sip some water on my way.