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Open Source Tools 2

BlogBooker is a nice free tool that creates a PDF book out of your personal blog. It is compatible with  Blogger, WordPress and LiveJournal. All you have to do is submit an export file provided by your blog to BlogBooker and wait 3-5 minutes until all the files are checked and all the images are fetched and your Blog Book is ready!

Ahead is a web-based application that helps you to create cool, zooming presentations like Prezi and to publish and share it with anyone online.  I thought Prezi was the best ever, but now since I have discovered Ahead…..mmmm I do not really know. There are both free and paid versions of Ahead. It is a very easy to use tool with a friendly interface. Check it out!

Circos is an amazing visualization free software that visualizes your data (plain text) in a circular layout. I have just started to explore this software…so far so good! Here is a nice intro to the tool.

2 cool mind maps online applications that I use when I need to brainstorm an idea or a home work are Cacoo and WiseMapping. Both are free once you create an account. However, Cacoo charges 4,95$ a month if you wish to get additional functionality like editing history or export in various formats.