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Deutsche Welle Fans on Facebook

Deutsche Welle has thousands of fans on Facebook who want to stay up-to-date with DW’s news. The idea behind the graph is to see what DW department has received the biggest number of “likes” on Facebook so far. Click on the map to see the exact figures. If you can not see the visualization, you might need to install the latest Java plug-in or the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

The creation of the Treemap Chart, using an open source tool Many Eyes in 4 steps:

1.  First things first. I had chosen my data  by simply searching for “Deutsche Welle” on Facebook. This time I manually added the relevant data set to an excel file.

2.  I uploaded my data set on the Many Eyes website.

3.  I then chose Treemap Chart that I found suitable for the visualization of my data set. On the website there are various visualization options including bar and pie charts, matrix charts, stack and line graphs, tag cloud and world tree etc.

4.  Last but not least. I customized, saved  and published my visualization on the website. You can also easily embed it to your blog or website and what is what you see on my blog.