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#OccupyArbat, #OccupyBarrikadnaya

Honestly speaking, I have no more idea what hashtag # to use on Twitter when I want to follow the Russian Opposition Occupy Movement from Germany. I am a bit tired and bored from all this. Aren’t you? #OccupyAbai – results: arrests, protesters dispersed by police; #OccupyBarrikadnaya – results: arrests, protesters dispersed by police; #OccupyArbat – results: arrests, protesters dispersed by police…. What’s next? Hashtag #This, hashtag #That and then results: arrests, protesters dispersed by police? Is there actually a strategy behind all the protests?

I understand great efforts in trying to make this Russian variant of Occupy Movement go on until Navalny and al. get out of prison, but people are leaving, people are tired, bored, many are arrested, some are scared, scared to be beaten by the police, scared to be arrested…..actually, people who voted for Putin in March are becoming even more supportive of our newly elected president and  turning their backs to the opposition. We are walking on the razor’s edge and we might create an opposite effect and make V. Putin as stronger as never before.

Take, for example, my grandmother,  born in 1942 and had been working for the almighty INDUSTRY in a city a few hundreds km from Moscow almost all her entire life. When she speaks about her “Zavod”, she simply worships it like a God. She watches only State Television, hardly reads any newspapers, a part from a few free local ones and has only heard about the Internet from me. After having watched a short news piece on the opposition movement in Moscow these days on the First Channel, she is scared, she feels this movement is a threat and she said to me “I hope Putin will soon stop all that violence and those violent young men who do not want to work” Violence? Grandma what violence??? How do I explain to her that this movement is not a threat and people are trying to fight peacefully for their rights, for democracy and for a brighter future without corruption and Putin? ………. Where do I even start?

Well….just to be there for “the SHOW MUST GO ON” does not do that good to the opposition and will, probably, not help to make Putin go.


#Occupyabai is a Russian variant of Occupy Wall Street to fight for democracy, basic human rights, fair elections and to ask for liberation of several opposition leaders including Sergei Udaltsov and Alexei Navaln from Moscow prisons. On May 10 the opposition protesters have gathered to occupy Chistye Prudy Square under the statue of a famous Kazakh poet and philosopher Abai Qunabaiuli who is considered to be a cultural reformer toward European and Russian cultures.Inspired by the movement Occupy Wall Street, Russian opposition protesters are planning to demonstrate 24 hours a day.

According to tweets of Ilya Yashin, Russian opposition leader:  “Occupy Abai is happening. It is a sort of a joke of course, we have nothing against Abai, so Occupy Abai is a hashtag on the internet.” 

Following #Occupyabai on Twitter: people show absolutely no violence, no alcohol, some protesters are sleeping, playing table games, singing, some famous Russians showed up like Ksenya Sobchak, Vladimir Solovyev, many journalists and citizen journalists mainly from Russia. #Occupyabai on Twitter check some statistics here.