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Vladimir Putin’s inauguration speech back in May 2000

7 of May Vladimir Putin will pronounce his inauguration speech and will take back his place at the Kremlin for a six-year term. Before his new inauguration speech next Monday, I have translated the speech he made in May 2000 into English. The idea will be to analyze and compare the two inauguration speeches of Vladimir Putin, identifying the similarities and differences if there will be any by using discourse analysis and at a later stage, applying several of my favorite visualization tools.

For the speech in Russian language please check here.

Dear citizens of Russia, dear friends!
Today, I appeal to you, yes to all of  you, because you have entrusted me the highest position in the country. I understand that I took an enormous responsibility, and I know the head of the state in Russia has always been and will be a person who is responsible for everything what happens in the country. The first Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, leaving the Kremlin, today reminded this, uttered the words that many remember. Today in this room, he repeated: “Take care of Russia.” It is exactly in this that I see the main duty of the president. I will also require the fulfillment of this duty from my colleagues at work. I also expect to find support from the citizens of Russia, from all who cares for the destiny of our country, in this patriotic case.

Today I want to thank my supporters and all those who voted for me in the election. You supported those first steps that have already been made. You believe that together we can change our lives for  better. I am deeply grateful to you for that. But I understand that your support is only the advance of power in general and, of course, to me, who today enters the office of President of the country.

I appeal to those who voted for other candidates. I am sure that you voted for our common future, for our common goals for a better life, a prosperous and strong Russia. Each of us has our own experiences, own point of  views, but we should be together, we have much to do together.

Today is truly a historic day, and I want  to focus on it one more time. In fact, for the first time in the history of our country, the history of Russia, the supreme power in the country is given in the most democratic, easiest way, according to the will of the people, legally and peacefully. The change of power – is always a control of the constitutional system, testing its strength. Yes, it is not the first test and, obviously, not the last, but we have managed to overcome it. We have proved that Russia is becoming a modern democratic state. The peaceful succession of power is an essential element of political stability  we are dreaming of and  seeking for.

The path to a free society was not simple and easy, there have been both tragic and bright pages in our history. Building a democratic state is far from complete, but a lot has been done already. We must cherish the achievements, preserve and develop democracy, we must  make the government, elected by the people, work in their interests, to protect Russian citizens everywhere, in our country and abroad, in order to serve the community. This is a principled, hardline position, I defended and intends to defend in the future.

For the sake of today’s grand event, we have gathered here today in the Kremlin, in a holy place for our people. Here in the Kremlin lies the center of our national memory. Here, in the walls of the Kremlin, the centuries of history of our country was made, and we have no right to be “Ivan the Fool, forgetting his roots.” We must not forget anything, we need to know our history, know it for what it is, to extract lessons from it, always remembering those who formed the Russian state, defended its dignity, made it a great, respected, powerful state. We will keep this memory, and we will keep the connection between times; and all the best of our history, we will pass on to our descendants.

Dear citizens of Russia!

We believe in ourselves,we believe that we can truly  transform our country for better. We have common goals, we want our Russia to be free, prosperous, rich, strong, civilized country; a country that is proud of its citizens and that  is respected in the world. In recent months, both in Moscow and at meetings in the Russian regions, I felt your understanding and your support, and very often, from the most ordinary people in the squares and streets of our cities, I have heard  very simple but very important for me words. I was told: “We believe you, we have hopes in you, just do not deceive us.”

I can assure you that my actions will be guided only in the national interest. I may not be able to avoid mistakes, but I can promise and do promise, that I am going to work openly and honestly.

I think it is my  sacred duty to unite the Russian people, to gather people around clear goals and objectives, and every day and every minute to remember that we have one Motherland, one nation; we have a common future together.

Thank you!

Moscow, Kremlin, 07.05.2000″