2009 Alcohol consumption map

The map of alcohol consumption in 2009 only on some countries. The data was found at OECD website.

In many countries in this world alcohol abuse remains a big problem. It carries a risk of health and social consequences. According to WHO harmful use of alcohol results in the death of 2.5 million people every year. The biggest boozers in Europe are found in France, Portugal etc. Here is the data from OECD (data for some countries like Italy, Belgium comes from 2008):

Country Alcohol Consumption per capita
Australia 10.1
Austria 12,2
Belgium 9.7
Canada 8.2
Chile 8.6
Czech Republic 12.1
Denmark 10.1
Estonia 12
Finland 10
France 12.3
Germany 9.7
Greece 9.2
Hungary 11.8
Iceland 7.3
Ireland 11.3
Israel 2.5
Italy 8
Japan 7.4
Korea 8.9
Luxembourg 11.8
Mexico 5.9
Netherlands 9.4
New Zealand 9.3
Norway 6.7
Poland 10.2
Portugal 12.2
Slovak Republic 9
Slovenia 11,5
Spain 10
Sweden 7,4
Switzerland 10,1
Turkey 2.2
United Kingdom 10.2
United States 8.8

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