Age of women at first childbirth by country

Have you ever asked yourself when is the average age in your country to have a first child? Seems to me that most women in europe first prefer to get some sort of financial stability and climb the career ladder before they dedicate themselves to having children. Women are delaying to have a first child until they are about 30 years old. I found this data set on average age of women at having first child by country very interesting. Click on the chart for more details.

Here is a complete dataset:

Country Average Age
new zealand 29.9 years old
united kingdom 29.1 years old
switzerland 28.7 years old
netherlands 28.6 years old
luxembourg 28.4 years old
sweden 27.9 years old
ireland 27.8 years old
finland 27.4 years old
norway 26.9 years old
portugal 26.4 years old
austria 26.3 years old
iceland 25.5 years old
hungary 25.1 years old
czech republic 24.9 years old
united states 24.9 years old
poland 24.5 years old
slovakia 24.2 years old

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